Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tiptoe to the Tulips

Rain instead of snow, daffodils peeking up through the ground and Easter is right around the corner. Spring is almost here, and I say "It's about time"!
Many flowers are called "spring flowers"but, to me, tulips are the ultimate spring flower. With their distinctive shape and bright colors, tulips work well for any occasion and in any home decor or design style.
Tulips originated in Persia and Turkey, although they are most often associated with Holland. In the language of flowers, tulips mean true love.
One of the only cut flowers that continue to grow after they are harvested, tulips will grow towards a light source. An easy to care for flower, tulips do not like flower food or additions to their water. Instead, these simple little charmers prefer clear, cold water and a cool spot in your home or office. To prolong their beauty, pop the tulip vase in your fridge overnight, tulips love cool temps and it will help to keep them perky. Recut the stems every other day and refill the vase with cool water.