Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Valentine's Day Roses

Valentine's Day is Saturday February 14!

Order your Valentine's roses for delivery to your someone special at work and let her do the "Office Strut"!

You may not have heard of the Office Strut but anyone who has ever worked in an office during Valentine's Day week has certainly witnessed it firsthand.

Think back...a flower delivery person arrives at the front desk carrying a large vase of lush red roses. All of the female workers watch sureptiously, all the while thinking "Are they for me? How romantic! Did he remember Valentine's Day? I hope they're for me."

The receptionist picks up her phone and punches in an extension. Somewhere in the office a phone rings and you hear the excited "I have a delivery? I'll be right there!". A woman quickly walks to the front desk, a little smile playing at her mouth. When the beautiful red roses are handed to her, she bursts into a large smile as she opens her card.

Walking back to her desk,head held high and shoulders back, she stops as her co-workers admire her roses. "He's such a romantic", "He always surprises me", "He's so sweet", she's heard to exclaim as she proudly walks, full of confidence and feeling like a pampered princess. This is the Valentine's Day Red Roses Office Strut!

Let her be the first to "Strut" and have your roses delivered on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday with an "I can't wait for Valentine's Day" message!