Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm going to the Prom. Am I supposed to get flowers for my date?

This is the biggest question that florists hear during prom season! So what's the answer? Yes, it is customary for boy to bring a corsage for his date. And ladies, it is also customary for the girl to have a bouttonierre for her date. Some couples chose to order the bouttonierre and corsage at the same time so that they will co-ordinate.

So, what do you need to know to order the her flowers?
Wrist corsages are the most popular prom flowers for girls but you may want to ask her if she would like a wrist corsage, pin corsage or a small hand held nosegay of flowers . All of our corsages are custom designed to match her dress so you'll want to know the color of her dress and if it has any crystals, rhinestones or pearl accents so we can add these details to her corsage. Plan on ordering your corsage 3-4 days in advance for pick up on prom day. After pick up, you'll want to bring your flowers right home and pop them into the refrigerator until it's time to leave for prom, don't plan on leaving them in a hot car while you get a hair cut!

European Flower Company carries an array of distinctive wristlets for corsages including pink jeweled, black "ice" beaded wristlets, iridescent white beaded wristlets as well as silver and black solid bracelet wristlets. These new wristlets have a number of advantages over the white elastic bands that were used for decades. They are much more attractive and the girls can use the wristlet as a bracelet after prom, they are much more comfortable so the girls tend to wear their corsages for the entire prom rather than taking the corsage off and leaving it on the table and we can create a designer look to her ensemble by matching the flowers, wristlet and accessories to her gown. Take a peek at our Prom selections for some ideas!

What do I need to know to order a bouttonierre? You'll want to know the color of his tux and the color/ flowers of the corsage he has ordered for you so that we can co-ordinate your look. If he's a guy who likes some bling, we can add some jeweled accents to his bouttonierre too!
Ordering 3-4 days minimum before prom is ideal. As you can imagine, florists get very busy during prom weeks so order early!